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The Gilat-Naftali Index

Shvartz Consulting collaborated with Reichman University to measure the effectiveness of the Israeli government and economy through a project called "The Gilat-Naftali Index." The project compared various sectors of the country's functioning with the OECD standards and benchmark average, presented as interactive graphs. This project promotes democracy and social involvement while allowing greater transparency for the citizens. Reichman University expressed their satisfaction and intends to conduct further projects in the future. The project team worked closely, ensuring that the project met all requirements. Shvartz Consulting used its expertise in digital technology to create engaging and accessible data visualizations through PHP, SQL, and Javascript. The Gilat-Naftali Index is a significant step in measuring and promoting transparency in the Israeli government and economy.

To summarize, the project:

  • Was a successful collaboration between Shvartz consulting and Reichman University.
  • Allows transparency and access to information for citizens
  • promotes values of democracy and social involvement.

The "Gilat-Naftali index" project measured the functioning of the government and economy of Israel according to three types of indexes: input, outcome, and efficiency. The input index assessed the quality of the system in terms of financial expenses and influential services. The outcome index measured the quality of the system according to external influence. The efficiency index, a combination of the input and outcome indexes, measured the effectiveness of the system. This multi-dimensional approach to measuring performance provides decision-makers with a more nuanced understanding of the functioning of the country, and allows for more effective policy-making.

The project aimed to measure the functioning of the government by examining and measuring various variables. These variables included economic state in terms of GNP and poverty rates, political stability, health, education, energy and environment, transportation, employment, internal security, and living expenses for citizens. The inclusion of these variables provides a comprehensive view of the state of the country and enables decision-makers to assess the strengths and weaknesses of different sectors. By measuring and analyzing these variables, the project provides valuable insights into the functioning of the Israeli government and economy, facilitating transparency and promoting democracy.

The data of the project is presented as interactive graphs, which allow users to compare and analyze the data over time or in comparison to other countries in the world, enhancing the accessibility and transparency of the data.

The "Gilat-Naftali Index" project was developed using programming languages such as PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. PHP is a server-side scripting language used for creating dynamic web pages, SQL is a database management language, and JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for creating interactive web pages. The Shvartz Consulting team are highly skilled and professional in using these software tools to create high-quality projects.

Project Information

  • Project Title: The Gilat-Naftali Index
  • Client: Reichman University
  • Date: 2017-2018
  • Status: Completed
  • Project Link:

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