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Ministry of Infrastructure

A project for the Republic of Equatorial Guinea done by Shvartz consulting. The project involved creating a website for the Ministry of Infrastructure. The website was built on the Drupal management system, which is a popular platform for creating robust and scalable websites. Shvartz consulting worked closely with the Minister of Infrastructure of Equatorial Guinea to ensure that the website's design and functionality met the needs of the government.

The website was designed with the governmental nature of the country in mind and included all the branding and qualities required of a political website. It featured a login system, menu management, and support for multiple languages, including Spanish and French. The end result was a website that not only looked great but was also easy to navigate and provided valuable information to visitors.

The Ministry of Infrastructure was pleased with the results of the project, and the website has been well-received by both the government and the public. Shvartz consulting demonstrated their ability to work with government organizations and deliver high-quality digital solutions that meet their specific needs.

Project Information

  • Project Title: Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Client: Republic of Equatorial Guinea
  • Date: 2014-2015
  • Status: Completed

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