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Shvartz consulting has completed a project for the State of Israel that consisted of two main sub-projects. The first sub-project involved creating a series of educational instruction courses for the Israeli Ministry of Industry. The courses were designed to help educate workers and businesses on industry-specific topics, and the Shvartz team worked closely with the ministry to develop tailored courses that met their specific needs.

The second sub-project was creating a website for the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria. This website was intended to publish news about unfreezing land in the area and included a system for managing information in the cloud on the AWS infrastructure with the option of transferring to an archive without the option of deleting documents. The website was a critical point in the European Union that required the website to be lifted within a month of the decision being made, and Shvartz consulting successfully met the short schedule while delivering high-quality work.

Overall, the project was a success and demonstrated Shvartz's expertise in creating tailored solutions for governmental institutions. The Shvartz team worked closely with the State of Israel to understand their needs and delivered high-quality work on time. The project received a letter of appreciation for the quality of the project, the quality of the service, the short schedule, and the service to the country, highlighting the success of the project and the value it provided to the State of Israel.

Project Information

  • Project Title: Minisitry of Industry & The IDF
  • Client: State of Israel
  • Date: 2019-2020
  • Status: Completed
  • Project Link:

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